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We are excited to announce the new models of Arcserve OneXafe Immutable Appliances.

OneXafe offers complete ransomware protection for backups and unstructured data. OneXafe is a scale-out storage that combines the advantages of a distributed, immutable object-store with the accessibility of SMB and NFS protocols. The new models of Arcserve OneXafe offers, increased security with larger data stores, lowers TCO and future-proofs investment with maximum returns.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn about the new models and how Arcserve OneXafe is best positioned for ransomware protection, including a multitude of use cases it supports.

Learn more about Arcserve OneXafe Immutable Appliances:

  • Logical air gapping with immutable storage for complete ransomware protection.
  • Simple and easy deployment with near-zero configuration and disruption-free storage expansion.
  • Backup target for third-party backup applications: Decreases storage space by up to 95% and delivers dedupe ratios up to 20:1.
  • Offload unstructured data from expensive primary storage, to save costs and improve productivity
  • NAS consolidation, eliminating storage silos and offering extended DR benefits.

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