DEEP discount offer, Appliance 9000 + OneXafe Immutable Storage

Create a complete data and ransomware protection solution with Arcserve. This one-two punch combination of Appliance 9000 + OneXafe Immutable Storage combines Arcserve’s all-in-one data protection appliance along with OneXafe to provide your organization an immutable digital vault as another layer of ransomware protection.

Purchase Arcserve Appliance 9000 and receive OneXafe immutable storage at a deeply-discounted price. Neutralize ransomware without compromising your budget.

Ransomware Bundle:
Appliance 9000
Best in class all-in-one data protection solution

  • Simple backup and recovery process – power on, configure backups, connect to a network and start protecting
  • Bundled with our UDP software solution and integrated with Sophos Intercept X Advanced Server edition
  • Orchestrated recovery and the ability to run virtual machines right from the appliance

OneXafe 4500

  • Differentiated scale-out storage solution with distributed object-based file system
  • Help customers achieve cost efficiency with deduplication and compression
  • Last line of defense to ransomware, protect the backups with immutable snapshots

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